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Aesthetic x Daimaru-Matsuzakaya “Non” is participating in the autumn campaign!

Aesthetic x Daimaru-Matsuzakaya

NON” is in the autumn campaign!

Try 3 fall makeup items from popular cosmetic brands!

The smoky khaki eyes and healthy coral lips are perfectly balanced to create an elegant makeup look.
Glamorous and feminine makeup with brown lips.
The matte and dusky eye Innocence is the makeup of atmosphere.

Non,” who tried on mature makeup, said, “I think makeup is really fun because it changes your mood and makes your face look different. Trying colors you’ve never used before is a chance to meet a new you! I want you to try renewing yourself in the fall.

The special site also includes a video showing the making of the photo shoot and interviews, as well as a 20-question article exploring the secrets of “Non”‘s beauty.