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NON” will be doing a reading for NHK General’s “A Chokokoro no Suzu-san – Tell me about it, your war. Tonight at 22:00!

NON” will be doing a reading for NHK General’s “#Achokokoro no Suzu-san ~ Tell me about it, your war~”!

This is the annual NHK special program that will be broadcast this evening at 10:00 pm.

The “#Suzu-san here and there” is a program to collect episodes of people who, like Suzu-san, the main character in the movie “In This Corner of the World,” were trying their best to live each day with ingenuity in love, fashion, unforgettable food… even in the midst of war.
Please take a look.

■ Program Information
Thursday, August 13, 2020, 10:00 p.m.
NHK General
Program name: “Suzu-san here and there – Tell me about it, your war.

■Non Comments
Until I had the opportunity to play Suzu, I felt that the situation in Japan during the war was a story from a different world.

I have mentioned it in movies and dramas. I knew in my head that it really happened, but I could not really feel it.
However, this tin here and there gives us a peek into the happy daily lives and mischievous scenes of those who lived in those days. They show us romantic memories of dressing up, falling in love, and so on.
Those feelings that make everyday life enjoyable are the same as those of us living in the present. I empathized with those feelings, and Suzu here and there started to move realistically in my mind.

Although we have never met in person, we are connected to Suzu here and there. When I instantly became affectionate and thoughtful, the fact that there was a war fell heavily on me, zhushin deep in my heart.
Being able to feel in my heart that this happened in Japan, where I am now, finally allowed me to think about it without turning away. I will cherish reading the memories of Suzu and others here and there.