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Online Salon “Naoki Sakai’s Near Future Lab” Guest : Jun Fukuda

I was a guest at Naoki Sakai’s paid salon.

The theme of the dialogue was “Video Entertainment”…
The history of the evolution of video entertainment, how hits work, suggestions for the too old TV industry, the direction the video entertainment industry should take, how to be active globally, what to look for in Japanese youth in entertainment, the key to diversity through video, and the environment in Japan that makes it difficult for youth to express themselves. … Such as.

I have tried to speak as plainly as possible about professional matters appropriate for a fee-based salon.
I’m hustling because, if I do say so myself, it’s a subject I don’t get a chance to talk about very often!

Online Salon “Naoki Sakai’s Near Future Lab” by Naoki Sakai, Conceptor
Speedy, Inc. Part of the conversation with Jun Fukuda, President and Representative Director, is now available for free!

▼For Fukuda-sama’s new book, click here.
Are you ready for the paradigm shift? : Into the Post-Corona Era.”
Please take a look.

Comment from Naoki Sakai
Fukuda-san has an instinct for constantly updating himself by inputting information about his work and play through his own five senses.

He is a businessman and a creator. He uses both his left and right brains to edit and output the information he inputs. For him, everything is an experience using his own body, and his reflexes are everything in times of drastic change. His carefully laid out five-year plan will collapse in a single stroke, just as he experienced with Lehman Brothers and COVID-19.

Here comes the super businessman who uses his intellectual and physical abilities to flexibly survive the changes that occur at any given moment.”