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Welcome to the digital world.

Welcome to the digital world.

Humanity has become a corona and is forced to live in a digital world.
He is no longer able to enjoy nature or travel far. He is unable to hug friends, and this life will continue until a year after the vaccine is available.

If we break it down, we can see how we will spend the year ahead.

Get enthused by live online music performances, read on your Kindle, and enjoy art appreciation in the VR gallery.

In any case, it’s not a bad idea to create the strongest internet environment at home, master the Kindle, and try the VR app.
The VR Gallery allows you to see artworks from a distance you can’t get close enough to see them in real life.
It will be different from real life, and will be enjoyed only in digidal.

Age has nothing to do with digital background. As long as you have curiosity, you can do anything. And when you return to the analog world after having enjoyed the digital world to the fullest, the range of ways to enjoy it will surely have expanded.

I have compiled a book on how to do such self updates. Please take a moment to read it.

Are you ready for the paradigm shift? 〜The Post-Corona Era” (Author: Jun Fukuda)

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