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New coronavirus control: scientifically enhanced immunity (autologous lymphocytes + cytokines)

[WIRED] Does the new coronavirus destroy the immune system like the HIV virus? The key to this is “T cells.

This article is interesting.

One of the causes of severe illness in patients infected with novel coronaviruses is a runaway immune system.
It has been found that there is a dramatic decrease in lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell, in the blood of patients. One reason for this is the possibility that the new coronavirus infects and destroys “T cells,” which make up 70 to 80 percent of lymphocytes.

The number of T cells continues to decrease under the “invasion” of the new coronavirus, and eventually the immune system loses control. The end result is a “cytokine storm” that kills the patient.

The two preventive treatments I am doing are preventing this perfectly.
First, they defend themselves by increasing the number of autologous lymphocytes, soldiers that defend themselves against the enemy. Also, the remaining viruses attack the blood vessels, but the stem cell supernatant (cytokine) component strengthens the blood vessels, which means they are almost perfectly capable of handling the virus. Autologous active lymphocytes are once a month. Cytokine therapy is several times a year.

It is important to improve the immune system in daily life, such as getting enough sleep and eating natto (fermented soybeans) without stress, but I recommend that you also take preventive measures to maintain a healthy body.