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1975. Correspondence from the fourth grade, age 10.

Correspondence from the fourth grade, age 10.
His homeroom teacher, Motoko Ueda, was popular because she disliked milk and could not tell her students not to leave school lunch. And she was my favorite elementary school teacher who treated me very well.
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He has a sense of humor and often makes his friends laugh. She is bright and nice.
I did well in my studies.
I can clearly state my intentions. I can also speak up.
I get along well with my friends. He is kind to his friends, full of humor, and rather serious while studying. Keep up the good work.
I’m sure you are a lot of fun to talk to, too.
I’d like to see more careful writing in the notebooks.
During the vacation, let’s examine “Society” carefully.
He seems to be listening well during class, but sometimes he talks too much. Be careful!
People haven’t changed a bit since I was 10 years old!
The attic clearance is very old.