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Whisky barrel certificates are sold as NFT and can be exchanged for real bottles after 30 years!

I bought the hybrid NFT “UniCask” (UniCask) started by my friend Chris Dye because it is interesting.
A cask of single malt Japanese whiskey distilled at Hanyu Distillery in 2022. The contents of the cask of “Hanyu Single Malt” were divided into 100 units and the ownership of the cask was NFTed. The price is 50,000 yen per unit.
Hanyu Single Malt will be distilled on January 19 this year and bottled on February 16, 2032. Those who purchase the NFT will be able to exchange it for a bottle of whiskey 10 years from now.
<Product Summary
Product name: Hanyu Single Malt Metaani Collab
Hanyu Distillery
Date of manufacture: 2022/01/19 0Years Old
Category: Single Malt Japanese Whisky
Distilled Date: 2022/01/19
Bottling date: 2032/02/16
Producer: Toashuzo Co. Ltd.
Distillery: Hanyu Distillery
Storage: Hanyu Distillery
Cask Size: 200L
Bulk Litre: 195.0L
%Vol: 60.6
Litre of Alcohol: 118.17L
(Pure Alcohol)