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Only 70 left! Baobab Tea” (Speedy Farms), which is less likely to raise blood sugar levels, is now on sale!

Baobab Tea” (Speedy Farms) is now on sale!
Speedy Farm was started last March 2021. From there, it took less than a year to cultivate the land, plant seedlings, and improve the soil. Even for a speedy person like me, it took a year.
It took about three months to fulfill the requirements of “Eat Choku” and “Pokémar” because as a farmer, we do not sell wholesale to supermarkets, etc., but only sell directly to consumers, who can directly understand consumer trends. It took especially long for the staff to get certified in food hygiene management, which required them to take a very long span of training, without online. Selling produce is easy online, but the process for businesses to sell is awfully analog, and that part needs to be DXed for newcomers in the future.
Finally, through the help of plant hunter Seijun Nishibatake, we were able to obtain the “baobab” leaves from “The Little Prince” and start selling them as a tea.
It’s a superfood that came all the way from Madagascar!
Please try it if you are concerned about your blood sugar.