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You’re not good at negotiating money! I will teach you how to decide your share.

I captured this scene in a Woody Allen movie.

Many years. When you’re a businessman, you talk about “taking your share”.
How do you often determine your share? I’m often asked, so let me explain!

When you partner with someone, they say it’s a “win-win” relationship, but such relationships seldom happen. If it’s a win-win, you don’t have to partner with anyone, you can do it alone.

You need a partner because you admit that you are somewhat weak.
By acknowledging what you do not have, you will want to partner with someone else, and I believe that a “lose-lose relationship” is the basis of partnership.

We have roles that we recognize in each other, we have strengths in each other’s fields, and we need each other.
In that case, of course, the %50% share is basic.

In the art world, gallerists are responsible for location, marketing costs and sales. The artist conceives and concretely creates the art. They are completely different jobs, but they have to work together to make it work. That is why it is 5050.

If you represent something, like an agency, there is no reason to take more than 50%.
With an ad agency, there is media and they just sell the space, so the %くらいが相場。商社だと、大きな鉄を海外から輸入する場合、毎回特殊性がない商材のものは3-5% 15-20. With %くらいが相場。商社だと、大きな鉄を海外から輸入する場合、毎回特殊性がない商材のものは3-5% the commission is %くらいが相場。商社だと、大きな鉄を海外から輸入する場合、毎回特殊性がない商材のものは3-5%.
If it’s a bad entertainment agency or a pimp, they take 90% of it!

So, if you are just starting out in business or are struggling with your share, try to negotiate a balance between your ability and your share.