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Sambo Master has written the theme song for the movie “Ribbon” (February 25, 2022), directed by and starring Non! And this trailer was made by director Shunji Iwai. Gorgeous!

The theme song for the movie “Ribbon” (February 25, 2022), directed by and starring Non
Written by Sambo Master!
And this trailer was made by director Shunji Iwai. How gorgeous!
The film depicts a group of students who are deprived of their youth when their graduation exhibition is cancelled due to the Corona Disaster.
Sambo Master’s new song “Boku no Dokonimono” written by…
“Your wings are not gone, on their wings now life and sun.
The darkness is over, and you can take it back, because your heart belongs to you.”
The program begins with the positive phrase, “I am a good person. The trailer by director Shunji Iwai is in perfect harmony with this.
And look forward to seeing it in theaters!
Shunji Iwai Comment
The editing was a pleasure, as the vivid images were stunning.
Two years have passed since the Corona disaster swept the world. While various works have been created and released during this time, there are not many that focus on the theme of coronas themselves. The true nature of this new plague is a subject still under study even by experts. It may not be a subject that can be easily tackled. In that sense, Non-chan may have been somewhat impatient. If I say so, I am even more so. But that haste may be a point in common between us as writers.
I am now looking forward to the next one.
NON Comments
I first worked with Director Shunji Iwai last year when I was invited to participate in “The 12-Day Story of a Monster Who Died in 8 Days. To tell the truth, this film was considerably influenced by Iwai. I went into the shoot after reviewing Iwai’s works and studying his visuals.
I never dreamed that you would edit the trailer for my film, and I was embarrassed as if you were looking inside my head.
The video that came up was wonderful, beautiful, and filled me with joy from the bottom of my heart. I thought that the atmosphere and aesthetic sense overflowing from Director Iwai’s work made Ribbon’s images, music, lighting, acting, and all other elements even more beautiful and sad. I was very worried about whether my film would be understood by people, but after watching this trailer, I was convinced that it would be understood.
My desire for many people to see this film has also grown.
And finally, you can listen to a section of the awesome music written by Sambo. What a luxurious and fresh combination of collaboration between Mr. Sambo and Director Iwai….
I hope many people will see it soon, very soon. Please wait for it. Thank you very much.
Latest trailer with theme song
There are three types of trailers with the theme song: 15, 30 and 60 seconds. It will be shown in some theaters and on the film’s official website, NON’s official YouTube and SNS.
(60-second trailer with theme song) https://youtu.be/PdvPfpRqpG4
Theme song information for the movie “Ribbon
Theme song: Sambo Master “Boku dake no mono no mono
Words and music by Takashi Yamaguchi / Arranged by Sambo Master (Getting Better / Victor Entertainment)
Ribbon” Film Information
Release date: February 25, 2022 (Fri.) Theatre Shinjuku and other theaters
Cast:Non Yamashita Rio Watanabe Daichi Ono Hanashi Haruki Misayo Sugawara Daikichi
Written and directed by Non
Production Manager: Jun Fukuda ・Executive Producer: Tomoyuki Miyagawa
Creative Supervisor: Masaomi Kanzaki, Mitsuko Takizawa ・Producer: Chikako Nakabayashi
Special Effects: Shinji Higuchi ・Special Effects Producer: Katsuro Onoe ・Music: Kei Higuchi
Theme song: Sambo Master “Boku dake no mono no mono” (Getting Better / Victor Entertainment)
Planning: Non
Distributor: Aeon Entertainment
Production: Booster Project
Production: Japan Movie Channel, non, Speedy, Comidia, Inc.
Ribbon” movie official website: (Japanese only)
■Theatre Information
Theatre Shinjuku, Human Trust Cinema Shibuya, kino cinema Yokohama Minatomirai, Theatre Umeda, Cine Libre Kobe
United Cinemas Makuhari (former Cineplex Makuhari), United Cinemas Fukuoka Momochi, United Cinemas Sapporo, Fushimi Millionza