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British Museum sells NFT of digital images of Katsushika Hokusai’s works

The British Museum has partnered with LaCollection, a blockchain platform, to sell NFTs of digital images of Katsushika Hokusai’s works.


The sale coincides with the opening of the “Hokusai, The Great Picture Book of Everything” exhibition at the British Museum, which opens on September 30. More than 200 NFTs, including digital images of masterpieces such as “Kanagawaokiwabura,” “Kai-fu Kai-haru,” and “Sunshu Ejiri,” will be sold online at a fixed price. In addition, drawings of illustrations for Hokusai’s recently rediscovered and unpublished work “Manmono Ehon Taizenzu” will be auctioned.

Types of NFT Works
Unique” (one-of-a-kind)
Ultra-rare” (2 editions)
Limited” (1000 Edition)
Common” (10,000 editions) sales price starts at about $500.

When NFT works are resold on the secondary market
Museum = 10 percent of revenues
LaCollection = 3 percent of revenue

The project is that the original art is prints. The idea was based on the credibility of the British Museum, which is the only place where the real thing can be found.

However, the project has lost even the NFT’s characteristic function of proving a one-of-a-kind item even digitally. I doubt if this has any value.

Now, we would like to check the level of response.