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Startbahn Cert.” – Blockchain Certificate Issuance Service with IC Tag for Art


IC-tagged blockchain certificate issuing service for art
Startbahn Cert.

When this is attached to art, it becomes a digital proof of work. Since it is written in the blockchain, it cannot be tampered with. It is also an excellent tool that allows you to see the entire history of the artwork when you approach it with your smartphone (NFC compatible) without apps.

◆SRR ID (Startrail Registry Record ID) token.
The data will not be lost forever, as it is powered by Startrail (formerly Art Blockchain Network, https://startrail.io), a blockchain infrastructure for art distribution.

◆Display items

Cert. issuer name, the
The date of issue is clearly stated.
thumbnail image
Artist Name
raw materials
Year of production
Work rules: If there are rules for the distribution of the work, they can be set arbitrarily.
Exhibit History
Other History
Sample URL of the display screen of Cert. viewed from a smartphone