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Twitter’s throwaway service, Tips, lets you interact in the virtual currency bitcoin!


Tips,” Twitter’s throw-away service, has been launched, and I immediately implemented it in my account.

A button can be set up in the profile field to direct users to personal money transfer applications such as “Benmo” and “Cash Up”.

Tips also supports the virtual currency bitcoin. I assume that fans are supposed to support creators, but it could also be used to buy and sell information using virtual currency without a bank. When you think about it, it can no longer be called a mere “throwaway” service.

Users who want to send money are said to be able to press a button to go to an external application and complete the money transfer process, but Japan does not support this yet. Why? When?
In case you are wondering, there are no commissions due to Twitter Inc.

For users in parts of the U.S. and El Salvador in Central America, they can also exchange bitcoins using a money transfer app called “Strike”.

Fukuda’s has already added the bitcoin address that corresponds to the account information in the profile section. Hmmm.