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NON” was interviewed in the Taiwanese magazine “Etsuyu Traveler” (Condé Nast). (April 2020)

NON” was interviewed in the Taiwanese magazine “Etsuyu Traveler” (Condé Nast). (April 2020)

I couldn’t do it last spring when I tried to post it because I was in Corona and couldn’t even make the trip to Taiwan.
We are now looking forward to next year and hope to be able to travel again.

1. What words do you associate with the word “night”?
→ Stars, Moon, Space

2. Do you think urban daylight hours are filled with a sense of suffocation? In what ways is this sense of suffocation manifested?
→It’s a time of day that is full of vitality rather than a sense of suffocation. I think it’s easy to get up and burn off energy, go to school or work, and see the city moving.

3. Is there a place in Japan where you can relax in the middle of the night?
→I feel most relaxed at home. I also have a favorite café where I can relax and enjoy a meal.

4. What is your favorite song to listen to at night?
→I like to listen to my favorite songs anytime, but at night, before I go to sleep, I often listen to Rolling in the Deep by Adele. I also listen to Akiko Yano’s music at night.

5. What motivates you to do evening gigs and plays? Have you ever wanted to go outside and play?
→The desire to create. And the passion of the feeling of sharing fun together. Once you know the joy of live performance, you can’t help but seek it out.
I don’t really want to go out and play.

6. What interests you about Japanese night life that you have not yet attempted? Is there anything you would like to try?
→ I think it is fun to walk and cross quiet and beautiful rivers and bridges. I like the clean air at night.
Most of my night life is spent making something. I make songs and clothes.

7. Looking back on the time when you did not appear in the public’s view, how did you spend a normal evening?
→We make clothes, write songs, and practice playing the guitar. They sing songs, watch TV recordings, and movie DVDs. Sometimes they stay at the museum until the sun goes down!

8. Which do you prefer, your daytime self or your nighttime self? Why?
→I like both. My sensitivity is sharpened at night, so I like what I make at that time because it has sharpness and vigor.
I like my daytime self to be energetic and vigorous.

9. How would you balance the energy of day and night? If you could live in only two places, extreme day and extreme night, which would you choose?
→I don’t think much. When I have a stage or video production, I use my body, so I move my head and body fully. On a daily basis, I use energy only when I feel energetic. I don’t think about distribution, but let it go where my mind leads me. It’s hard to do, but lunch!

10. If you went to a place where there are 24 hours in a night, how would you allocate the 24 hours?
→ Half asleep, half pouring into creative time.

11. How would you balance your multisuite identity? If you could only choose one, what would you want to continue to do?
→I try to separate each period one by one. I am conscious of all of them so that they all show the charm of NON.
I like them all, in no particular order. I like what I am doing at the time.
Talking about my private life, since I have already tried many things, I would like to try traveling.

12. If your admirer had a hard day job and finally had a chance to catch his breath at night and wanted you to help him plan his nightlife, how would you plan it?
→First, we will proceed with an evening tea party! Eating something sweet slowly with a cup of warm tea, such as cake, chocolate, or dorayaki and a cup of delicious black tea or sencha, can calm the mind.