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Audible’s Matthew’s Matthew Matthew South in the Room Podcast Episode 5 (40 min) Feb 24 2022) Starring: Matthew South, NON

Audible’s Matthew’s Matthew Matthew in the South Room podcast, Episode 5 (40 min) Feb 24 2022)
Cast: Matthew Minami, Non


After the recording, Matthew couldn’t help but say, “To be honest, I couldn’t really see your face, there was too much glare. Matthew couldn’t help but think after the recording, “To be honest, I couldn’t see much of his face, it was too glaring.

The talk session was relaxed from start to finish, with talks on fashion, artwork, and even the movie “Ribbon,” which he directed, wrote, and starred in.
Matthew also said, “Surprising! The new facts are full of “I’m a newbie”!
I think you will see a new side of NON!