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L.A. gets its own Silicon Beach! The Day Culver City Becomes Silicon Valley

Paci-friggin’-tastic in front of the Amazon Studio in Culver City!
The transformation of the city of Los Angeles has been amazing. The city has developed around Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and Downtown, but riots broke out in Corona and security has deteriorated. There has been some movement to the suburbs, but there is still a tendency to spread to the undeveloped parts of the city center.
It seems that Culver City is an Up and Coming place. The only Culver City I had ever heard of was my old home, Sony Pictures Entertainment (Columbia Pictures). I first came here 26 years ago. There was nothing there but studios.
Currently, the redevelopment of this area is going great: new offices are being built by Apple, Amazon, HBO, Google, Facebook, etc. It’s like Silicon Valley (due to the rising land prices in San Francisco) is moving right into the area. It’s like Silicon Valley (due to the rising cost of land in San Francisco) is moving into the area, and it’s called Silicon Beach because it’s LA’s tech town.
Many new restaurants have sprung up along with the influx of population.
Destroyer, a restaurant by popular chef Jordan Kahn, was also thriving.
I’ll keep an eye on Culver City.