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Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit Los Angeles: Brightness and Saturation

Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit Los Angeles.
An art exhibition to enjoy Van Gogh’s world view through interactive images. LED monitors are installed on four walls of the hall, and Van Gogh’s art is freely animated on the monitors to immerse visitors in the world of his works.
I think it is an interesting possibility of digital exhibition, but as a gallerist of real art, the impact on the human brain and eyes is quite different between the “saturation” of real art and the “luminance” of digital art. I think digital technology is still in its infancy.
Same goes for VR headsets, unless the parallax is equal to a person’s ability to see, which is awesome! It won’t be. The VR Gallery I worked on 6 years ago was way ahead of you (sorry for the past bragging.
◆World’s First VR GALLERY Opened! A new world of art seen through digital eyes (2016)
…but you must go to the hottest exhibitions! And thinking about how to make it even more awesome is a fun part of art producing!
◆Van Gogh Exhibit Los Angeles: The Immersive Experience.