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Miscellaneous Thoughts on Okinawa August 16, 2022

Okinawa Zasshikan (non-Western half of Japan, including Okinawa)
The first time I was evacuated to Okinawa after the Corona occurred was in April 2020. It has been two and a half years since then, going back and forth between Okinawa and Tokyo.
Corona made me rediscover that I can play in one of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders in a little over two hours from Tokyo.
In the first few months, I was moving around like a tourist, but when it comes to “living,” living in harmony with nature becomes a “way of life.
Even so, Okinawa as a “living” place gives us a taste of the extraordinary. A 15-minute boat ride will take you to an uninhabited island, where you can dive and see the beautiful fish waiting for you.
Although there are fewer opportunities to come into contact with cutting-edge “knowledge” as in Tokyo, there is the advantage of being able to enjoy the reading that one has accumulated.
I read a lot, but my opportunities to watch TV or the Internet decrease dramatically. And gradually, the heat becomes too much for me, and I dive in the sea less and less often. This is evidence that I am becoming more and more Okinawan.
We will be right back.
Okinawa, Nanjo is the best!