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New book “Streetwise City 2022” (Author : Jun Fukuda) is going to be reprinted!

New book “Streetwise City 2022” is going to be reprinted!
Well, this is my sixth book of my own and the first to be reprinted. I am very happy.
In the past, “This is OK, 14 Years Old,” published by Kodansha, sold out its first 10,000 copies, but was not reprinted due to the editor’s strange explanation, “This is about right for a book like this.” The mechanism behind this remained a mystery.
I learned this when I became involved in the management of a publishing company. I went to the trouble of paying 150,000 yen a month to buy Kinokuniya’s sales data and got the industry indicator that if more than 15% of the delivery is sold, they make the decision to reprint, but I don’t think it’s very scientific. In this case, the first printing was reported to be missing from the warehouse, and they needed to add more! I’m really happy because I received a report that the first printing is gone from the warehouse and I need an additional printing.
Anyway, 20 days have passed since the book went on sale, and finally I’m getting a string of reports from friends saying they saw it at a bookstore and sending me photos of it. Yaesu Book Center has it in stock, but Maruzen has no stock! I wonder if they haven’t unpacked it yet. It seems to be in the “Business” or “Urbanism” section.
Japanese bookstores sell books on consignment (25% %手数料)なので、自ら買ってない分やる気が低く、売れ筋を置くだけの場所と化しているところが多い。米国の本屋では買取りなので、手数料が35% the list price) %手数料)なので、自ら買ってない分やる気が低く、売れ筋を置くだけの場所と化しているところが多い。米国の本屋では買取りなので、手数料が35% sell their best-selling books. In the %手数料)なので、自ら買ってない分やる気が低く、売れ筋を置くだけの場所と化しているところが多い。米国の本屋では買取りなので、手数料が35%, a difference of 10% that helps bookstores develop “connoisseurs.
If all you’re doing is renting a place, whether it’s a bookstore or a movie theater, they’re not going to be motivated to do it. Even if you have a good location in an urban area with human flow, people don’t go there as much as they did before Corona. So many successful bookstores and movie theaters, based on the owners’ discernment, are doing well by utilizing the local community and online and trying desperately to be creative. That’s how businesses usually hone their creativity.
In this day and age, the structure is such that authors have to sell their books because publishers, distributors, and booksellers do not take book sales seriously. The fact that publishers are looking for influential authors on social networking sites is proof of this. If this is the case, then powerful authors don’t need publishers or distributors, and can just sell their books on Kindle and through regular bookstores. Mr. Takagi sells paper books through publishers and digital books through himself. 70% of the list price of Kindle is paid to the author, so the more DX advances, the more stable the income will be. In other words, the closer we get to the 22nd century, the more digital we will be, so there will be no need for existing distribution or retail.
That’s why distribution and retail must dx. Bring offline online. Develop content connoisseurs. They should invite authors of books that will sell to their stores and create communities.
… Speedy Books is still advertising in the Asahi Shimbun, which does not allow us to put in QR codes or URLs, even though we have more doubts about the structure of the industry than about selling our own books (lol).
Now, both sides of today’s Asahi Shimbun ads are “Philosophy of Food” and “Soviet-Japanese War,” “Slave Solution” and others. The target audience is older. But, since it is the media, they could have directed us to the Internet. They are hard-headed.
If you are interested in this book and have not read it, please purchase it at bookstores nationwide, online below, or on Kindle. It offers suggestions on after-corona living.
Streetwise City 2022,” by Jun Fukuda, Ph.
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