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Speedy Farm Okinawa Recent Update: Olive, Kiwi, Baobab, Blue Java Banana, etc.

Speedy Farm Okinawa Recent Update
Farm 1 : We will start picking the leaves for the new year of Bao Bao leaves, which are all sold out for 2021, and we will make tea for 2022.
Farm 4 : Blue Java bananas are growing well. One banana had termite infestation, but it has been taken care of. One termite infestation has been taken care of and the rest of the bananas are growing well in an organic environment.
Farm No. 5: Once again, Mr. Seijun Nishibatake was a connoisseur and brought in seven varieties of olive trees that he thought would do well in Okinawa. This was an experimental trial to see which of them would be suitable for this region. Shodoshima Island is famous for its olives, but we are not sure if they are suitable for Okinawa. We are looking forward to the future.
Kiwis are also doing well.
The 6th and 7th are still uncultivated, but will be cleared in the future.
The total farmland area is about 1 hectare, but he hopes to triple it as soon as possible.
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