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‘Meditation and Healing’ Artist: Tae Hue at Speedy Gallery

I just got a comment (curator) from Wu Li Fang (吴笠帆) on the Teho exhibition currently on view at Speedy Gallery in Los Angeles! Very nice.
For many, the world as they see and perceive it is real and clear, and they believe that their understanding of the universe and of life is profound. However, life can be like a dream, a haze. There are many things that are not as we would like them to be.
Art represents them. Art is like the wind. Time and reality may not last as long as a sigh.
Time erases minor wounds in our memories, but it also brings new pain. It is better to be a creature that can control time and space by itself.
The artist can control the sound of the wind, the rain, the moonlight, and the stars according to the artist’s senses.
Tejo has been quietly meditating on the chirping, basking in the light. There is no noise, no world. No complex systems, no disturbances. The coming of day and night and the relationship between the universe and the earth are fully expressed in art.
When an artist empties his or her mind, he or she is able to express the various joys, sorrows, and emotions that people feel. In the artist’s mind, there is a shining landscape of people and objects alike. Emotions, creations, stars, clouds, dust, and enthusiasts all pass by her through the air conditioning.
The viewer can sense the artist’s innate confidence from the inner, quiet depths of the work. It shines as hotly as the sun never shades. To know the relationship between the universe and life is at the same time to know oneself and one’s quiet relationship with the universe. We all need to understand more deeply the value and significance of life itself. “
Meditation and Healing
Artist: Tae Hue
June 4th to August 27th, 2022 (Tues -Sat 10am-6pm)
Speedy Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave, Santa Monica, CA, 90404
(B5B in Bergamot Station Arts Center)
Instagram: @speedygallery_la/