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Next to cryptocurrencies comes the era of full crypto “cryptocash!”


A discussion with Uri Nakamura, a cryptography professional.
I am already surprised that the content is so revolutionary. If things continue as they are, the blockchain will collapse.
Indeed, if you think about it dispassionately, cryptocurrencies were supposed to be democratic, safe and the money of the future, but that is not the case at all: not a day goes by without news of theft, including NFTs. Why is it so easy to be stolen?
The blockchain technology on which cryptocurrencies are based is apparently an old technology pulled from a paper in the 80s.
There is no end to the list of technological “clutter,” but first of all, it takes too much time to settle for a currency. Currency should be easy to settle. At this point, it is not a currency. Conversely, they will only tolerate digital items like NFTs, which take a long time to settle (because they can be bought at a leisurely pace). That is why they cannot be used in supermarkets.
No other technology is as susceptible to being overwritten and stolen by a third party as blockchain. This is not surprising if the transactions are peer-to-peer (one-to-one), but public transactions are conducted on multi-servers that are monitored by everyone. It is only natural that managing on a network would increase theft from third parties. Therefore, it is not a democratic and decentralized currency.
… And so on,” Dr. Nakamura pointed out in a straightforward manner in the dialogue.
He then developed cryptocash (a perfect currency) that overcame these challenges.
Real cash transactions are ironically the safest of all, since they take place in a very private offline environment. The new cryptocash (which can be digital or paper money) can also be used on a peer-to-peer (one-to-one) basis, just like real cash transfers.
What is even more important is not the safety of the network security, but whether the currency itself is tightly encrypted. We need a fully encrypted currency, not the current cryptocurrency (blockchain), which can be easily solved. Dr. Nakamura has succeeded in developing such a currency.
Dr. Nakamura has created cryptocash using full cryptography. Demonstration experiments have already begun in various locations, and its practicality as legal tender by the state is also in view.
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Talked Dialogue [From Cryptocurrency to a “Multi-tiered Economy” Society] (Part 1)
Uri Nakamura, Japanese cryptographer, information security consultant and entrepreneur x
Jun Fukuda, Brand Consultant
Editing and composition: Junko Io
Photo: Yukiko Koshima
Date: February 17, 2022