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Speedy Resorts : The resort penthouse as a DNA-pleasing place to live

Lunch with Hirokazu Yanase!
I always receive intense energy and knowledge.
Lunch time became an extravagant class.
Humans were born from the sea, came to land, and have been searching for safety and a comfortable place to live on a genetic level. And this desire for an ideal habitat has not changed.
The homes of the world’s wealthy are not in townhouses, but on higher ground surrounded by greenery and water (ocean or river). It is not that the wealthy only like them, but they are simply in a position to satisfy human needs.
People like to live on high ground where they don’t have to worry about rivers overflowing or tsunamis, and where they don’t have to worry about water and sun. The same is true of the houses in the popular Netflix reality show “Selling Sunset” and Amazon prime’s “Luxe Listing Sidney”.
Humans are a type of living creature, and we cannot go against our DNA.
From this perspective, the location of Speedy Resorts Okinawa is truly a utopia.
It is built on a cliff with the wonderful water of Hyakuna Beach, the birthplace of rice cultivation, while admiring the morning sun rising from Kutaka Island, the island of God.
This is why I believe that no matter how much civilization flourishes, there is no value in the metaverse except for commercial purposes. I think the richness of human life is the ability to find value in places.
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