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NON is on the cover of “Figaro Japon” magazine!

NON is on the cover of “Figaro Japon” magazine!
Please enjoy the adult “Nonn” in 7 wonderful costumes.

The June issue of FIGARO (on sale April 20) features “An adult woman’s desire for a makeover.
I am sure that none of us would have
They live with small desires.
I need to switch from pants to a mini-skirt.
I want to be surrounded by color for the first time.
I want to wear something I’ve never worn before.
I would like to reply, even if it is self-satisfying.
of such adult women.
I want to fulfill a modest desire.
I’m going to be a little different than I was yesterday.
We propose a new style of fashion.

Figaro Japon June issue (April 20, 2022) ↓ Kindle version available!

In conjunction with the launch, a video interview with NON will be shown on Figaro Japon’s Instagram. Please take a look.
* Scheduled to be delivered after April 20.