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Memories of Fujiko Fujio (A) and his teachers: ….

Really sad.😢
Fujiko Fujio (A) passed away.
I have had the pleasure of working with you on so many new jobs. I have so many wonderful memories that I am filled with tears.
I first met him in Ginza in about 2005 when Masaru Uchida introduced me to him. I immediately hit it off with the cheerful teacher, and he has been a great help to me for a long time.
He took me out for drinks many times. One of the most memorable moments was at a snack bar in Ginza, where he sang “Obake no Q-taro Ondo” at karaoke when he was sure no one else was around! I still remember the excitement of that moment.
I wrote the lyrics to this song. The song was so successful that Shogakukan had to build a new building, and I even appeared on NHK’s Kohaku with Hibari Misora! He told me. What a great teacher!
Many people admired the cheerful teacher who could make friends with anyone immediately. The fact that they always made more and more friends at the bar was nothing but the teacher’s personal virtue.
That was fun…everyone around me brightened up when I was with the teacher.
When I visited him at his work place in Shinjuku, he showed me some of the mechanical wonder toys he had acquired during his travels around the world. He was also extremely curious about digital and new things, eagerly guarding his notes and taking memo images with a disposable camera.
Now, as I repeatedly recall his smile, I imagine that he is spending creative and joyful days in heaven.
List of the main jobs we have done together
July 2006: At first, I was allowed to distribute the “Fujiko (A) Black Humor” site on NTT docomo’s i-mode.
August 2007: “Ninja Hattori-kun” clothes change distribution
April 2010: I was allowed to release my first original e-comic.
Rival of “Monster!” Prince Demokin”
May 2010: “Laughshelf” distributed in mixi Collection
March 2011: “Hattori-kun☆Kaibutsu-kun Deco-mail” GREE Deco-mail application distributed.
October 21-November 6, 2011: “Fujiko Fujio (A) x BEAMS” Art Exhibition
February 2013: LINE “Laughs and Smiles” stamps distributed.
April 2013: “Yumemako – Kokoro no Yume, Kanasuasu” comic book, newly drawn and published, distributed on SONY Reader™ Store.
◆Reference Articles
Manga artist Fujiko Fujio A., 88, passed away. His representative works include “Ninja Hattori-kun.