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The world as we think of it from the sky.

Well, back to Japan!
Around the world is 36,000 km.
After Corona, I went to Los Angeles last November. This year, he made four round trips in March, May, and now September.
The distance between Tokyo and Los Angeles is 9,000 kilometers, so in less than a year I have traveled the same distance as I did around the world.
No matter how small the world may seem, it is very different when you actually go and live there. People talk about diversity, but I don’t think you can understand the sense of “diversity” unless you are in a multi-ethnic society like Los Angeles, where there is a lot of tension.
That’s why L.A. people are so eager to explain. There is no such thing as “ah-hum. That’s why they end words with “…. Ok?
Japanese prime ministers and politicians have been saying vacuous things in recent years, such as “I would like to give a full explanation,” but I have never seen them do their best to explain themselves. Either they think they don’t need to explain themselves, or they have never had the experience of explaining themselves properly.
In order for Japan to truly build a society that is open to the international community, I believe that it should accept as many or more immigrants as it takes to combat its declining birthrate.
Maybe then I can explain it a little better…