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NON’s new commercial for “White Essence” begins airing nationwide!

NON’s new commercial for “White Essence” begins airing nationwide!

NON-san shows off her white teeth with 9 patterns of outfits and smiles!
White Essence K.K., a teeth whitening and teeth cleaning service employed by 241 dental clinics nationwide, will air a new commercial featuring actor Nonn in the “Tobikkiri no Smile, Seven Changes” version nationwide from September 20, 2022 (Tuesday).

The Smile is the best smile ever. 30 seconds. https://youtu. be/PTqZaEoOook
Seven Changes” version 30 seconds https://youtu.be/SL01PIgAjBU

■About the New Commercial
Actor NON appears in the White Essence commercial!
We created this TV commercial with the hope that it will bring a smile to the viewer’s face as well.
A neat white sleeveless dress, a feminine one-piece with a floral pattern, rocking out with a guitar, mode fashion, a suit look that mimics a business scene, a white T-shirt and denim that stands out for its simplicity, an artistic tuna outfit with painted face, a classic kimono, and a romantic Non-san with a flower crown. The romantic Non-san in a classic kimono with a flower crown on top. In every scene, NON’s beautiful smile overflows as she changes costumes and moods. With this TV commercial full of smiles, we hope to convey the appeal of white teeth.

CM making public!