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Money” is running out as desires go online! (Uri Nakamura, Crypto Security Expert)


Lecture on “money” by Uri Nakamura, an expert in cryptographic security.
First, there are two types of money in the world. One is “cash” (legal tender) issued by the government, and the other is “ledgers” (bank ledger currency) created by banks.
In today’s world, we are running out of cash more and more. We use credit cards, cashless, and those online payments, so we don’t need “cash” anymore. If you try to buy a car with a loan, your credit will be checked. If you have good credit, the banker will input the number into your account. This is how money is virtually created. In developed countries, 80-90% of the “money” in circulation is this credit-based “ledger” currency.
This “ledger” currency is more inconvenient than “cash” because it is only created and circulated on credit. In addition, the spread of the Internet has increased the opportunities for payments, so settlements are getting delayed more and more. Since it is a credit-based currency, any delay will result in interest and diminishing returns. Furthermore, as less developed countries in Africa and elsewhere go online, everyone’s desires will increase, and “ledger” currencies are expected to collapse.
Therefore, “money” similar to “cash” is needed. That is “digital currency. Unlike cash, digital currency is often used over the Internet, making security an issue. The security of the currency itself is an issue before network security. Therefore, full encryption is necessary. Mr. Nakamura has developed “Cypher Money,” a fully cryptographic currency that is not based on the blockchain. He is now going to start full-scale operation of CipherCore Corporation as a company for the implementation of “Cipher Money.
The underlying problem is that if things continue as they are, there will be an overwhelming shortage of “money” to meet everyone’s desires. Unless something is done about this shortage of “money,” the world economy will not grow.
Don’t you think this is a big problem?
See YouTube below for more information.
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