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Speedy Group : Construction is underway all over the world! (Resort, Vacay rental, Bar)

But still, I’m meeting with them every day about construction.
All of them are under construction all the time.
Spending such days, the concept of “completion” fades away.
Living in the “process.” The “process” can be fun!
The replacement of the floor of Marina del Rey with a non-slip material (Unslip). When I go home drunk in a luxury hotel, I slip on the marble floor. So the bathroom floors have to be non-slip flooring. So, we replaced all of them. The washlet is not tankless, but has a tank. Tankless is beautiful at first glance, but it doesn’t flush when the power goes out.
Pool construction in Palm Desert has been difficult. Since it will be on-season (November-May), contractors are busy and costs are high. Also, the cost is high because the contractors are busy and the cost is high. (Of course, there are the unusual price hikes in the U.S. and material shortages…). So what should we do? First of all, do we open the building as it is?
In Okinawa, three Japanese cypress trees over 8 meters long found in Miyazaki arrived. They will be installed as wooden beams for the ceiling. After six months of drying, they will now be lightly “grilled”.
The BAR in Roppongi, Tokyo, is to be skeletonized starting tomorrow. Two days will be cleared in three days. We have to decide on the taste of the floor and walls. And the curtains in the guest house will be 100% light-blocking. Special order was placed recently by a contractor from “W Osaka”. Construction is next week.
Now, new next week we go looking for a new property.