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Speedy Farm Okinawa : “Blue Java Banana” (a.k.a. Blue Banana) will be harvested in Japan for the first time this summer!

Speedy Farm Okinawa
Finally, this summer, “Blue Java Banana” (a.k.a. Blue Banana) will be harvested for the first time in Japan at Speedy Farm Okinawa!
Bananas carefully selected and imported from seed by our ally Kiyoshun Nishibatake were grown in “EF POLYMER” (a start-up of Okinawa OIST) in the best soil.
The blue banana is the result of a fusion of the best plant hunters and the latest technology. It is a banana that the Japanese have never tasted before. The seed manual says “Taste like ice-cream” (ice cream), so I am looking forward to it too.
First, we will wait until early summer for the banana fruit to do wonderfully.
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