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The Secret of Vigor : “Autologous Lymphocytes” and “Autologous Stem Cells

I am often asked the secret of my energy.
There is such a thing as freedom on a day-to-day basis, but even running a business you love can be stressful in its own way.
This year we were working on construction projects all over the world, so somewhere in the world there would be trouble every day. I tried to act like a leader so that I would not be emotionally affected by every single one of them. Sometimes I would get out of hand, but I would calmly grasp the whole situation and give instructions on how to deal with it, whether it was a drainpipe in the wrong position, a contractor not showing up as promised, or an excuse for not being able to do something that sounded like science fiction.
Now, what supports my “energy” is the “autologous lymphocyte” and “autologous stem cell” treatment. I started this treatment before Corona and have been doing it for about 3 years now. The frequency of the infusion is monthly.
Autologous lymphocyte therapy” is a treatment method to boost immunity by activating T cells isolated from one’s own blood (e.g., the main cells in charge of immunity to fight cancer), multiplying them several hundred times, and returning them to the body again. By increasing the number of autologous lymphocytes, the defense power can be increased.
↓ Results
The red circles in the first figure indicate the size of the cells. The larger the circle on the right, the larger the cell. Therefore, my cells are quite large.
The second one on the upper left is the number of killer T cells, the soldiers who are on the front lines when the coronas arrive. 46.3% is apparently a high percentage.
The third one on the right is activated T lymphocytes, which is a %以上超えていると合格点。私は88% 70. %以上超えていると合格点。私は88%, so I am in a very immune state.
“Autologous stem cells.”
Stem cells taken from one’s own fat (extracted from the fat around the belly button) are cultured several hundred times and returned to the body. The human body is equipped to repair damaged or weakened areas. Stem cells amplify this repair. The body can use its own “cells” to restore functions that cannot be achieved through exercise, diet, or rest.
↓ Results
Until I started this treatment, all of my liver values were out of normal on my routine medical checks, but now they are all normal. I have not tried to cut back on the amount of alcohol I drink.
… So, thanks again for all you do, Tane!