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Yasuji Tanioka’s manga will be immortalized forever! (Thanks! (Dear Masuda Manga Museum, Yokote City, Akita Prefecture)


Now, eight years ago, on December 25, 2014.
The 24-volume “The Complete Works of Yasuji Tanioka” was published by Sony Digital Entertainment, Inc. of which he was president at the time. It is a complete collection of all of his works, including those that have not been published in book form in the past.
He was excited about the possibility of a digital company being able to produce a real publication.
Amazon’s new POD (Print On Demand) service, which they just started, produces a book for each order, one print at a time. It was revolutionary because it was finished like a paperback and delivered the next day. In other words, I thought, I could keep publishing forever without inventory. (Unless Amazon goes out of business…)
The copyright management was done by his wife Machiko Tanioka, but she was not familiar with the business, so I helped her with the licensing business. Compiling this complete collection was a great confidence booster for me. (This would later lead to the launch of Speedy Books and the acquisition of Koryosha Bookstore.)
I told Machiko, “Now Tanioka Manga will be immortalized forever!” I told Machiko.
The world of Tanioka manga was produced by my mentor, Masaru Uchida.
Many of the buzzwords that were created are still in use today. Dasai” (no good vegetables) and the familiar Tokoro George commercials, “Asser! and “nosebleed boo!” and many more.
Machiko Tanioka, who kept the world of Tanioka manga alive, passed away this year, and Sony Digital Inc. also terminated this service when I retired as president of Sony Digital Inc. It is very regrettable. I could not leave behind what was historically necessary.
After that, I forgot with the passing of the months who kept Yasuji Tanioka’s original manuscripts, precious and posters, and chabudai (tea table), which were kept at Sony.
However, Mari Fukunaga, a long-time business partner of mine, had rented a warehouse in Saitama with her own money and stored those precious materials for many years! (Tears)
With Machiko’s passing, her only daughter, Maya Tanioka, who lives in the U.S., came to Japan. Along with sorting out her belongings, the Yokote City Masuda Manga Museum (Director: Mr. Taku Oishi) in Akita Prefecture took all of Yasuji Tanioka’s valuable manuscripts and other materials.
The baton has been passed on by some well-meaning individuals, and this is a miracle. I am immensely happy. My heart was shaken. Truly, to Fukunaga-kun.
is to be respected.
(Yasuji Tanioka → Masaru Uchida → Machiko Tanioka → Jun Fukuda → Mari Fukunaga → Maya Tanioka → Taku Oishi)
It is an outrageous misconception that digital is eternal. It is the analog thoughts and stories spun by people and passed down from generation to generation that are eternal.
Ladies and gentlemen, I think this talk will be a great opportunity for you to think about the inheritance of intellectual property in Japan. I would be very happy if you could share it or comment on it.
I believe it is the duty of the Japanese people to preserve the legacy of as many manga artists as possible for future generations.
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Traces of digital wreckage that can’t be bought now.