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Speedy Farm Okinawa : Mango (Irwin Keats Kimitsu Kinko)” feat. Ryukyu Landscaping, Uruma City

Speedy Farm Okinawa
We met again with Mr. Ryuichi Gushiken of Ryukyu Zouen in Uruma City, who gave us mango seedlings such as “Irwin,” “Keats,” “Kinmitsu,” and “Kinko” in October. He is now preparing to build a greenhouse to grow them (Speedy Farm No. 6 = 404 tsubo).
Since mango fruits are heavy, we have to straighten the height of the fruit in the greenhouse so that the branches do not break, and we have to grow them crawling on the shelves. Since 25 mango leaves are required to produce one fruit, we need to adjust the sunlight so that photosynthesis is as good as possible and the leaves grow. For pollination, we purchased about 20,000 bees and released them in the greenhouses. The staff even has to change shoes and clothes in and out of the greenhouses to prevent ants and other insects from carrying the fungus. It is this level of nervousness that produces delicious mangoes.
Mangoes that have been green cut (harvested when the contact point between the branch and the fruit swells before ripening) can be enjoyed for at least two months if wrapped in wet newspaper and stored in the refrigerator. In other words, mangoes harvested in early July can still be enjoyed in September. This is convenient for gift-giving.
Well, today I’ve been rummaging around for fruits that can be grown outside of the greenhouses. Star Fruit Biboshi! It tastes like a combination of apple and pear. I want to grow this!
There are also many other fruits that can only be found in Okinawa, such as the “paramitsu” (jackfruit), “atemoya” and “pan-noki” that appear in “Jack and the Beanstalk”.
Gushiken’s passion is amazing, and so is my motivation! I have so much to look forward to next year!