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THE BAR by Speedy : Happy BAR experience even in “Dry All The Year”!

In the U.S., many people call this month “Dry January,” meaning that they will continue to drink from Thanks giving in November through the Xmas season and New Year’s, so they should go non-alcoholic in January.
Elizabeth Gascoigne, an accountant at Amazon in New York City, saw in the news that her monthly non-alcoholic party ($40) was a big hit. The hit was due to a health-conscious (wellness) desire to drink beverages that are good for you. Alcohol makes you feel excited and relaxed, but non-alcoholic drinks are for relaxation, so it’s not a case of alcoholics vs. non-alcoholics, but rather, why not choose according to your mood! That’s the idea.
It could be seen as a headwind for me to open a BAR, but in fact, it is not at all.
Mocktails (Mock + Cocktail) are important for BARs as a break from alcohol to make it more enjoyable. (And the profit margin is also good.) For those who do not drink alcohol, BAR can provide a place of community, so we put the most effort into it.
The New York Times, which covered Elizabeth’s activities, says that “Sober Curious” (sober + fun) will be a boom. The term was coined to describe a lifestyle or way of thinking in which people who are able to drink alcohol dare to “not drink” or “drink only small amounts.
THE BAR by Speedy (Roppongi) will focus on the following three things
Margaritas and other classic cocktails made with non-alcoholic tequila
Baobab tea and other longevity teas from Speedy Farm Okinawa
Hard Kombucha, a popular hard kombucha in Los Angeles (see URL below).
There have been a lot of articles lately about young people’s shift away from alcohol, and while the media will try to stir everything up with confrontation, real life is not that simple. Have you ever heard of the word “Taipa”? It is a Japanese word that stands for “time performance (time efficiency). It is said that year-end and New Year’s parties held by boring bosses and companies are shunned by young people because they are not “time-efficient.
We want our BAR to be a place where people can enjoy both stimulation and relaxation as they wish, with a dry run in mid-February and an official opening on March 2.
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Hard Kombucha,” an advanced version of Kombucha, is about to become a trend! LEON LEON
THE BAR by Speedy
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