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I’ll be art producing at the POLA Ginza art gallery this summer!

This summer I’ll be producing art for the fifth time at the POLA Ginza art gallery!
Mr. Seijun Nishibatake twice.
Sebastian Masuda twice (once at POLA Hakone Art Museum)
Well, the next artist is unique!
The announcement will be made in April.
The next exhibition will also be held in the gallery space on the third floor, but will be linked to the first floor as well. It will be a challenge to see what approach we can take to the main street of Ginza.
It is no exaggeration to say that this place has the largest viewership of any place in Japan. The media value of having a long-term exhibit here is terrific.
Today is the preliminary inspection.
◆ Notes
July 4, 2015 : “Drunken Tree” pierces the first floor show window of the Pola Building in Ginza [Ultra Botanical Exposition].
Aug 8, 2016 :I went to the [Ultra Plant Expo 2016]!
July 21, 2017 : Sebastian Masuda x Monet Point-Rhythm World (Tokyo, Japan)
November 16, 2018 : Hakone Pola Museum of Art Sebastian Masuda x Claude Monet “Point-Rhythm World 2018 – Monet’s Microcosm -” Exhibition