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THE BAR by Speedy : Starting all over again from aesthetics!

THE BAR by Speedy
Everyone has a sense of beauty. Since a sense of beauty is a matter of one’s own senses, it is not very useful to convey it to someone else. This is because there is no correct answer to a sense of beauty; it is merely a personal feeling.
The interior of the BAR is not as it should be. Once installed, the counter was moved forward 21 cm. The overall balance of the space does not feel right. It sounds simple, but it is actually a big job. When you run an art gallery, you need to have a “sense of absolute space. The installation of the painting can be adjusted using a level, but it is impossible to know if the building is really positioned exactly in relation to the earth. At the end of the day, you need your own sense of space.
We have to start all over!
The color of the walls did not come out as expected. This will also affect the floor sheeting, so we will first build it up as is and then reupholster it all after the refrigeration-related equipment is installed in February.
So we redid the counter and walls, which are the most important things for a BAR.
The restaurant is also approved as a restaurant business, so the official opening is likely to be in early March.
Forgive me if I’m a pain in the ass to anyone involved in the interior!
THE BAR by Speedy
Address: 4F, 7-12-3 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Powerhouse Roppongi Bldg.)
Phone: 070-4308-9036
3 minutes walk from Roppongi Crossing
Friend Benefits:
1. arranging a cab home (free of charge only within 23 wards when registering for the first time)
2. virtual bottle keep (e.g., issue online ticket for 20 glasses of “Yamazaki”)
3. you can check the availability of seats.
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