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Speedy Farm Okinawa : Now constructing a green house exclusively for mangoes!

Speedy Farm The 6th.
Speedy Farm Okinawa
We’re building a dedicated green house!
Most mango farms use a lot of pesticides, but we don’t want to.
So we have to create the perfect house.
Workers entering and leaving the greenhouses are required to change both their work clothes and shoes, as the mere entry of ants can lead to the entry of pests that mangoes do not like.
During the pollination season, about 20,000 bees are released in the greenhouses.
One mango can be made with 25 leaves. Therefore, mango trees are designed to spread horizontally with an upper limit so that they do not grow upward. This is because if it grows upwards, the lower leaves will die. Make it flat to get as much sun as possible.
This time, instead of growing seedlings, we will be given brand-name mangoes to plant. From here, the mother tree will be born and we will try our best to make it into a new brand!
Looking forward to it!