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Talked dialogue [A man who escaped from a cult by his own efforts talks about brainwashing, the state, and the essence of “loneliness”] (Part 1) Norimasa Sato, President, 1400gram Inc. and Jun Fukuda, Brand Consultant

A conversation with our ally Norichan, who has broken away from a new religion to live a clear-thinking life, from Yahoo, Tokyo Girls Collection to starting a welfare facility.
He nicely explained the history and concept of religion, after the recent controversial Religion II. It was also interesting to hear that even the fortune telling at shrines could be an inspirational business. The idea of corporate taxation on religious corporations was also excellent.
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Talked dialogue [A man who left a cult by himself talks about brainwashing, the state, and the nature of “loneliness”] (Part 1)
Norimasa Sato, Representative Director, 1400 grams, Inc. x
Jun Fukuda, Brand Consultant
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Sato: “What I mean by brainwashing is that they don’t walk out there by themselves. Even if they are locked up, the door is open, but they don’t go out. That is called brainwashing.
So there are times when I feel a little “Huh?” but then you make that discomfort disappear on its own, like “God will give me the answer when it’s right”. But then a few undeniable issues come up, and I think, “Huh? I was thinking, “Wait, wait, wait,” and then I saw the door that was there. I thought, “I want to open it. Now that I know this door is there, I can no longer go back and pretend I don’t know.”
Editing and composition: Junko Io
Photo: Yukiko Koshima
Date: August 25, 2022