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Speedy Farm Okinawa No. 6 : Mango Farm Begins

Speedy Farm No. 6
Finally, a state-of-the-art house is completed.
Sensors sense rain, wind, and provide the necessary environment for the crops in the greenhouse in a fully automatic manner. The machinery is reliable.
And the planting of four kinds of precious mangoes purchased from Mr. Gushiken was completed. In order to achieve something that would never happen anywhere else, which is to produce pesticide-free mangoes, all comings and goings are completely disinfected, down to the soles of their shoes. A single ant can cause pests on the mangoes.
The process also pulls the mango tree to the ground so that the tree does not grow upward in order to have the leaves of the mango tree do a lot of photosynthesis. When the tree grows upward, the leaves below die. To prevent this, they pull it so that it grows sideways. One mango is produced with 25 leaves. Therefore, if the tree does not produce many leaves, the mango yield will be low.
An office space has been created in one corner of the farm, which can be managed online. To prevent theft, surveillance cameras are in operation 24 hours a day, and all footage is stored in the cloud in high-definition quality.
If a suspicious person enters the house, the smartphone can alert the user with an audible or vocal warning.
I made something amazing…
Mango, I hope you will grow up in a perfect environment. I heard that this little sprout-like thing will grow into a fruit. I’m looking forward to it too much!