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Private Villa Okinawa Hyakuna (THE VILLA Okinawa): 3 Goemon baths installed

Three Goemon Baths Open at Private Villa Okinawa (THE VILLA Okinawa)♨️
The Goemon Bath is a cast product carefully made one by one by Daiwa Heavy Industries (founded in 1831) in Hiroshima, which I consulted for. It warms the body to the core 1.2 times more than a regular bath.
And since we added a chiller, we can cool it down to 5 degrees!🧊
The mold can keep its temperature whether it is hot or cold.
Recently, the number of saunas in urban centers has been increasing, but they all offer only water baths and no warm baths. I urge you to consider installing a Goemon-buro. It is really good!
Maybe I’ll bring it to Palm Springs.🥰
◆Private Villa Okinawa Hyakuna (THE VILLA Okinawa)
The divine sunrise from Kutaka Island!
You can have the white sand beach all to yourself. The sky where you can enjoy countless stars.
The ultimate one-of-a-kind resort
30 minutes drive from Naha Airport.
Full introductory nature, single building rental only, up to 5 people.
3 rooms, 5 beds
(2 queens in 1 room, 2 semi-doubles in 1 room, 1 queen in 1 room) Each room has a shower and toilet.
Infinity pool, jacuzzi, sauna, steam sauna, three Goemon baths (one with chiller), and gymnasium.
Mercedes-Benz wagon available free of charge.
For reservations, please click below!
1471-1 Tamaki Hyakuna, Nanjo City, Okinawa, Japan
Unattended reception, children under 13, no pets.