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Speedy Farm No. 4 Blue Java bananas are finally bearing fruit!

Speedy Farm No. 4
Blue Java bananas
are finally starting to bear fruit! This one is called “Blue”, but it’s usually green.😳
But I’m inclined to believe the “taste like icecream” explanation.🍦
I am happy to see so much growth in such a short period of time, since the trees are purchased from Indonesia and grown from seedlings by plant hunter Seijun Nishibatake!
We would like to limit shipments to the major online retailers “Eat Choku” and “Pocket Marche,” and sell the rest at marche stalls around the country.
Online sellers get 80% of the selling price. With real major distribution, you only get 20% of the selling price. In addition, they have to use pesticides and there are standards for size (strangely enough, if they grow naturally and freely, they are said to be “out of standard” and are not handled.
When I looked at the price of seekwasa in the market before, it was 10 yen per piece. That means the farmer gets 2 yen per piece, and since each tree produces about 200 pieces, the farmer gets 400 yen per piece! And they can be easily stolen.😫
I still have to grow pesticide-free, high-grade produce and sell it myself.🍌