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Private Villa Okinawa Hyakuna (THE VILLA Okinawa): was born from a land discovery three years ago in southern Okinawa!

Three years ago today, I was supposed to go to Africa. I was unable to go due to a corona, and began to live as an evacuee at the Halekulani Hotel in Onna Village, Okinawa. But that life had to come to an end after just over 20 days. The Halekulani, the Ritz, and all the other hotels in the country were shut down.
This led me to discover “Nanjo” in the southern part of Okinawa Prefecture! Moving all the way from the north, I enjoyed this undiscovered and undeveloped land.
Sacred Kutaka Island, tiny Komaka Island where you can play with tropical fish, Daito Beach (a.k.a. John Man Beach), a skin diving spot, and Keiza Cliff (Giza Banta), a pool and waterfall created by the natural sea, are all here.
The pristine white sand “Niihara Beach” (Miebaru Beach) was completely empty, and I had it completely to myself.
He found a plot of land right in front of this one and came up with the idea of building the world’s finest villa.
It took three years to build Private Villa Okinawa (THE VILLA Okinawa). It would normally have taken 7-8 years to build. It took eight times longer than the original budget, but I enjoyed the creative work that much more.
The official opening is scheduled for June 3. Please take a look at the results of the past three years.