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THE VILLA Okinawa: Perfectly “furnished” with the SIXINCH design furniture brand

After the sauna and water bath, visitors will enjoy “totoe”.
The chairs in the villa’s “Totoe” area are made by SIXINCH, a design furniture brand from Antwerp, Belgium.
The greatest feature of this product is that it is made of polyurethane foam that is freely formed by cutting and coated with “Form Coat,” a proprietary paint, to provide weather resistance and durability to withstand outdoor use.
The concept “Biophilic” (Biophilic: a concept of space that enhances harmony and connection with nature)” is being sung. The company also has a high degree of freedom in molding and can produce products from a single piece, making it possible for the company to respond to custom orders.
◆Private Villa Okinawa Hyakuna (THE VILLA Okinawa)
30 minutes drive from Naha Airport.
Full introductory nature, single building rental only, up to 5 people.
3 rooms, 5 beds
(2 queens in 1 room, 2 semi-doubles in 1 room, 1 queen in 1 room) Each room has a shower and toilet.
Infinity pool, jacuzzi, sauna, steam sauna, three Goemon baths (one with chiller), and gymnasium.
Mercedes-Benz wagon available free of charge.
Official opening June 3.
1471-1 Tamaki Hyakuna, Nanjo City, Okinawa, Japan