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Okinawa Remodeling Plan : Enchanted by the South Private Villa Okinawa Hyakumei (THE VILLA Okinawa)

What I think about being fascinated by Okinawa.
I had been here in the past for a few vacation days, but had little idea how good it was. Somewhere along the way, I considered it a B-grade Hawaii.
There are things that need to change if Okinawa is to realize its greatness.
– There are no locally available hotels on Kokusai-dori in Naha! First of all, this gives a shabby impression. In case you are wondering, Naha is in the southern part of the city and within 15 minutes from the airport.
– There are no beach resorts easily accessible from Naha. Even if you come all the way to Okinawa, there is no beach feeling! There are no swimming pools! You have to be a tourist to go to the central part of Okinawa, such as Chatan and Yomitan. Recently, many tourists are forced to stay in Naha due to the lack of rental cars. It’s like spending time in a tacky shopping district.
– Onna Village, Yamahara, and other northern areas are great, but too far from the airport. I feel the demand here is being taken away by Miyako. An airport should be built in the north.
In case you are wondering, there are two airports on Miyako Island (Miyako Airport and Shimojishima Airport which opened in 2019)
– Having experienced resorts all over the world, I think that resorts with poor accessibility from airports are out of fashion.
– What Okinawa needs to revitalize is the undeveloped “southern part” (i.e., Nanjo City) near the airport. This is the main reason why I chose this villa.
– Nanjo City, Okinawa Prefecture is 30 minutes from the airport. 35 minutes to Naha. You can enjoy nature and the city at the same time. An expressway called the “Southern East Road” is currently under construction and will be fully opened in a few years. It will be possible to reach both the airport and Naha in 20 minutes from Nanjo.
– It is strange that the South is not well known, but there are many nice restaurants and villas these days. With the revitalization of inbound tourism, I suspect it will be all the rage on tourist blogs and the like this summer.
Based on the above, I hope you will plan your summer trip to Okinawa!