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Keisuke Honda hosts the fourth installment of “ANGELS” (PIVOT), a real investment documentary program, featuring Takamasa Seki (CEO, GLOWKEY).

I am appearing as a judge on “ANGELS” (PIVOT), a real investment documentary program hosted by Keisuke Honda.
This program provides a venue for entrepreneurs to present their businesses to investors in Japan and abroad and obtain investment. Keisuke Honda, who is also an angel investor, and Daisuke Yamazaki from Motherhouse and Hironobu Akiyama from InfoRich also appeared on the program in addition to myself. The theme of this year’s program is “Inbound,” and this is the final episode in the four-part series.
The 4th speaker is Mr. Takamasa Seki (CEO, GLOWKEY)
Keisuke Honda injects his fighting spirit] Prepare yourself with “self-confidence” to compete on the world stage… A Setback Due to an Intractable Disease and Serious Illness / Unyielding Reverse Inbound…
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