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Electrical appliance explainers are permanently indestructible!

I came to Yamada Denki to buy a refrigerator.
Why not buy online? I want a veteran’s explanation. Yamada Denki has experts. They know what’s new in the market and what the specs are. This is better than searching online or having chatGPT come up with it for you. You can’t break through your own assumptions by responding to the Internet. I believe that the greatest ability of human beings is “quick-wittedness” (the ability to adapt oneself to the situation).
However, if you don’t have the right specialist for wall-hanging, it will be a waste of time and effort…. If you ask about a product at Otsuka Kagu and the person in charge comes from Yamada Denki, he or she may not be able to help you.
I recently switched the TV in my Tokyo home from Sony to Panasonic and it was great. While looking at the high-end models from both companies, the sales representative shared with me his knowledge of recent trends and picture quality settings. At the time, the sales rep was a supportive sales rep from Sharp, but he told me, “For high-end, Panasonic is definitely the only way to go; SONY is talking in a direction that has nothing to do with TV functions, such as applications linked to games. I was impressed that he really likes TVs. In fact, we compared images of the latest Netflix movies, and the Panasonic reproduced them as if we were watching them on the side of the set. The speaker output is also three times that of the Sony. I didn’t need to buy an extra woofer, as the Sony’s included woofer was often choppy and inconvenient. If that’s the case, the original speakers should be better.
I use a Panasonic washer and dryer in my house in Okinawa, and it’s the strongest.
I can do it even though I don’t usually do laundry in Tokyo. I can preset the detergent and softener so there is no hassle. The Tokyo house is Minle, but I don’t touch it because it is so hard to use that it kills me.
Now, this time, the refrigerator. Hitachi has good things, but no features; the Panasonic’s has a shallow depth on the highest tier. It eliminates the unreachable depth. It prevents the items that are often given to you from lying in the back of the refrigerator for a long time. The condenser, which is originally located at the bottom, is brought in behind it, making the lower freezer space wider. A great idea!
Furthermore, which do you prioritize, the vegetable compartment or the freezer? The Panasonic has a refrigeration, freezer (wide and dead smooth in/out), and vegetable compartment in that order.
The surface material can be either mirror or matte type. Women seem to like mirror surfaces. So you are busy even in front of the refrigerator. I chose matte.🤣
I’ve had my eye on SONY and foreign brands for years, but it’s dark under the lamp. I prefer what Kansai people make!
P.S.: The refrigerator in your house in Los Angeles is an LG, which is great because you can see the contents of the refrigerator transparently when you knock on it, and it has an in-camera that allows you to visualize the contents of the refrigerator when you are out using an app, but it is not available in Japan. TVs are also easy to use with Samsung’s beautiful and seamless network TV with terrestrial TV, but they are not available in the Japanese market. In the near future, I think the Japanese market will be under attack by Korean manufacturers as well as entertainment companies.
Good luck with Panasonic!