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Atsushi Fukuda Profile 2023/06/29


Atsushi Fukuda

serial entrepreneur
Born in Osaka in 1965. Graduated from Nihon University College of Art.
Founder, Sony Digital Entertainment
Visiting Professor, Yokohama College of Art, Visiting Professor, Content & Technology Integration Laboratory, Kanazawa Institute of Technology


Activities include talent agency, Los Angeles-based art gallery, resort hotel operation in Okinawa, large-scale farm development, and startup investment.

As a tech startup, we have developed the following
September 2016 : VR Gallery opened (Shinjuku) http://spdy.jp/art/s11659/
May 2018 : Virtual Currency Consultancy (Speedy Euro OÜ opened) http://spdy.jp/news/s9919/
May 2019 : AI Salon Opened (Hills Club) http://spdy.jp/news/s1179/
March 2021 : Opening of NFT Gallery (Estonia) http://spdy.jp/news/s9937/

Other angel investments include AI composition “SOUNDRAW” (June 2020) 3D printing “VUILD” (June 2021).

Cartier “Changemaker of the Year” (2016)
Warner Bros. “BEST MARKETER OF THE YEAR” for three consecutive years (2012-14)
Selected as one of 51 IT key persons for the 21st century by Nikkei Web (2001)

Member of “Contents Investigation Committee”, Agency for Cultural Affairs
Member of “Study Group for the Information Grand Voyage”, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Member of “Media and Software Study Group”, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Streetwise City 2022,” Koryosha Bookstore.
Naoki Sakai, Co-author of “Swissy Ikiru Corona Jidai” (The Corona Era of Living Swissy) (Koryosha Shoten)
Are you ready for the paradigm shift?” (Speedy Press)
You don’t think you can make money with social networking, do you?” (Shogakukan)
This is fine, fourteen years old.” (Kodansha)
The Voice of the Town is a Lie” (Satemaga)

(President and Representative Director, Speedy Inc.
Speedy Gallery Inc. (CA, U.S.) – President
Speedy Euro OU – President

President, NPO “Ashante Mama
Auditor of NPO “Fathering Japan
Official site: