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Speedy, Inc. and hanauta works : formed a limited time AI design unit!

Speedy, Inc. and Hanautaworks (CEO: Shino Misawa) have created an AI design unit for a limited time to create “logo designs” by AI. Please send us a message with your request.

Logo creation is challenging because it is a text design, unlike the trendy image generation. Most people screw up…

When it comes to designing letters and creating a design that represents a product or a corporate entity, exceptional “language skills” are required. Designers who have the “language” to brush up their designs can become “AI designers. (Prompt Engineering)

If AI can do it, it is convenient because it saves cost (manpower)! Even before AI, the entire market was overwhelmingly dominated by lame designs. Hence, good design can become a brand.

Since AI is evolving, we hope that clients will be excited about the possibility of using proven professional designers to create a higher level of creativity.

Generating AI, including mid-journey, tends to lose sight of the words to focus on when long text is included. Therefore, we ask the client to summarize their intentions using ChatGPT, and then put them into the mid-journey based on the summary. Since mid-journey is English only, English support is also a must. However, the problem is that the original data in mid-journey is mainly for English-speaking countries, so the design will be American. In an AI society, we must not forget that the Japanese language is 100 million for 7.5 billion people.

To change direction, the direction of additional prompts (commands to the AI) must be changed.
Include meta-information (surrounding information) other than the logo and have the AI study “them” extensively to create developmental images (e.g., city signs, products, stores, etc. that use the logo) starting from the logo.

The redesign is repeated based on those artifacts (AI’s experience). When the AI understands the meta-information and is able to draw a logo (or similar image) that fits the direction, it is prompted (re-entered) with the concept words that were initially determined. Without repeated learning in this way, it seems that a threshold (ikki = threshold = the minimum amount of stimulus necessary to arouse excitement) cannot be reached.

It takes a great deal of talent in the ability to tune in to the area. It can only be done by an experienced designer and with good language skills. That is why I think AI design will be a creation based on more advanced technology.

The entire process of creating the 🔳 Okinawa Villa logo is open to the public for reference.