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Private Villa Okinawa Hyakuna : Typhoon Preparedness

A large typhoon No. 6 hit Okinawa.
Villa Okinawa Hyakumei did not feel a tremor at all with wind speeds of about 60 mph.
In the event of further typhoons, the glass surface will be covered with “hurricane fabric” so that you will be safe as long as you are inside the villa.
In addition, we have responded to the following power outages due to the typhoon.
Emergency lights turn on as soon as the power goes out
Four flashlights in each bed
Battery-powered analog radio (1 unit)
2 IWATANI gun stoves (6 cylinders)
Solar-charged electric lights (4 units)
Battery-powered smartphone chargers (3 units)
Battery-powered fans (3 units)
Real keys available for entrance digital keys
Each tankless toilet can be manually operated.
Water, emergency rations, etc.
That is all for your information.
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