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Conversation: Media, Politics, Economy, and Education from the Perspective of “Life is What You Make of It” and “Life” Tomoyo Nonaka, President, NPO Gaia Initiative, and Jun Fukuda, Entrepreneur

I had a chance to talk with Tomoyo Nonaka, whom I adore.
Nonaka’s presence itself is an amazing energy! Lovely, intelligent and powerful!🥰
He talked about children, education, working, living, and being in touch with the earth. He talked about all of them. It was a simple thing, but it reminded me of a feeling that I had completely forgotten.
Please read the front and back sections this weekend.
Conversation [Media, Political Economy, and Education from the Perspectives of “Live and Let Live” and “Life”].
Tomoyo Nonaka, Representative of NPO Gaia Initiative x Jun Fukuda, Entrepreneur
Nonaka: “I hate the term work-life balance. Why does the word “work” come first? First of all, “my life” and “my life” must come first, and then there must be the individual’s way of life, “This is how I want to live. Then, based on that, “This is the way I want to work,” and work is based on each individual’s life design, isn’t it? If I had to put it another way, I would say “life-work balance. In terms of the difference in mentality you mentioned earlier, we Japanese have the words “overwork” and “discovery,” but not only the French, but also Americans and people of the Cocajun culture do not have these words. (omitted).
If it were France, citizens, shrink your vacations more and work more for GDP! (laughs).”